Studentische Arbeiten

Foto von A340-300-01-GULF-AIR Maschine

Student research at the FSR

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Bachelor- and Mastertheses

If you are interested in writing a thesis with a topic from the area of aviation or automatic control, consider writing your thesis at our institute. In projects with our partners from the industry, public funded projects and DFG financed research we cover a broad spectrum of topics and are always looking for student assistance.

Assignments for Theses

You can find current assignments below. We also create individual assignments considering your interests and skills – just contact the spokesperson of one of our research fields:

  • Air Traffic Management
  • Pilot Assistance Systems and Human Factors
  • Autonomous Flight Systems
  • System Diagnosis

Advanced Design Projects

Advanced Design Projects at our institute are commonly conducted with one of our partners from the industry. You can find current offers for ADPs in our below.

International Internships

We do not offer internships for students.


Currently no items available.