Space Systems

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Lecture „Foundations of Space Systems“

Space systems are amongst todays most complex technical systems. They fulfil their mission only through a well-defined interaction of various system elements, in a very special and challenging environment.

The lecture “Foundations of Space Systems” shall present the basics to understand, design and operate space systems. It addresses history and evolution of space flight, its utilization, the specific environment in space, the Ziolkowsky equation, foundations of orbit mechanics and orbit control, as well as the different subsystems for space systems in an overview.

Foundations of Space Systems is held every winter term. The course consists of a two-hour lecture per week. It is an elective course aimed at master students of Mechanical and Process Engineering. Students of other subjects are welcome to participate if they meet the prerequisites of their courses of study. The course totals four ECTS credit points. Lectures are held by Prof. Dr.-Ing. Reinhold Bertrand (Head of Research and Technology Management Office, Directorate of Human Spaceflight and Operations, ESOC).

Schedule / Examination

Lecture in the winter term 2018/19

Lecture: Friday, 10:00h – 11:30h in L4|02 – 201 (Hörsaal- und Medienzentrum (HMZ), 2nd floor)

Beginning of the course: Friday, October 19, 2018

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An excursion to European Space Operations Centre (ESOC) in Darmstadt is possible at the end of the course (around beginning/mid-February). The number of places is limited and a prior registration is recommended. Further information will be available during the lecture.


Oral examination, approx. 20 minutes per student

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