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Foto von A340-300-01-GULF-AIR Maschine

Research at the Institute of Flight Systems and Automatic Control

The goal of our research is the development of technologies to improve safety and efficiency of air transportation and to reduce its environmental impact. We concentrate on the onboard systems of the aircraft while we always bear in mind their interaction with the higher level systems.

Mainly conducting applied research, we always consider the operational requirements of the respective systems. Frequently we use technology demonstrators to evaluate the developed concepts and methods. Thereby, we are able to quickly develop prototype hardware and software in collaboration with our partners and customers.

On the following websites our know-how and the corresponding hardware is presented. Our Test equipment consisting of for example the two full-flight simulators and other test rigs is introduced. A list of the latest publications can be found in Publications. The four research areas, which are in the center of our investigations, are summarized in Research Fields.